Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions:

    1. I am interested in an article, but you no longer have it in stock!
In this case, you can leave us your email address (see “contact us” section), and as soon as the product is back in stock, you will be notified.

    2. I have received my order and I would like to return an item to you, what should I do?
Instead of returning our products, contact us by email (see “contact us” section) for a full refund of your purchase. Why? Product returns go against our values which are those of sustainable development due to the carbon footprint generated by each product return. Therefore, simply describe the reason for the return with a photo and we will refund your entire purchase as long as it meets the conditions for Returns and Refunds. Then, if possible, we encourage you to donate your purchase to a charity or recycling center.

   3. Can my order be sent to another address different from mine?

Yes, when ordering, you can indicate a delivery address different from yours.