Our History

Support all mothers

Let's all agree, moms rule the world! Therefore, our mission is to support all mothers since their decision to have a toddler, during their pregnancy, as well as after their pregnancy. Our delicately designed product offering provides optimal support for mothers. We are committed to making every mom feel confident and supported in their extraordinary parenting journey.

Thought by a mom

Minididou put the mothers on a pedestal. Created by a mom who was frustrated by the lack of relevant products to meet the daily needs of any mom, Minididou offers a range of products that combines elegance and simplicity. Minididou takes great care to provide healthy products that are adapted to the fragile organisms of our tender toddlers.

Designed for moms

Our products are designed to be elegant and ultra-functional. Endorsed by influencers, bloggers and by moms like you and me, Minididou is the most recognized brand for maternity aid products.